Our Proposals & Need

We are proposing an outline scheme for 23 custom build plots, along with a community shop and gym with all development being located on the existing developed area of the site. Given the well screened nature of the site and that currently the site is dominated by large equestrian buildings, these proposals are expected to deliver a landscape improvement.

Furthermore, the custom build nature of the scheme would ensure bespoke architecture on each plot, rather than the usual bland designs created by volume house builders.

site layout

Our proposals have looked to respond to:

  • the demographics of Durley
  • the concerns outlined in the Parish Plan regarding lack of parent parking for the school and improving traffic movement through the village
  • a desire for an upgraded footpath to the school
  • aspirations for a community shop and gym (indoor recreational facility for young people)

With regards the proposed community shop we are aware of anecdotal evidence that a previous attempt at the provision of a shop was unsuccessful. However, we believe that a purpose-built building with a “pump priming” fund in order to establish the use would address many of the reasons for the previous unsuccessful attempt. Indeed, there are many examples of community shops run by volunteers in the Winchester District which are successful.

Is there are need for custom build here?

Yes – a review of Winchester District’s self/custom build register indicates a demand for 15 plots in Durley. This demand is from people who already live here, have either an employment connection, a connection to a nearby locality and a desire to live in Durley, and those that live elsewhere in the district but wish to live in Durley.

Furthermore, a survey carried out on our behalf by Consulo Limited into custom build housing along with Winchester City Council’s Strategic Housing Market Assessment both show that these figures may be a significant underestimate of real demand. Indeed, many people are simply unaware of the existence of the self/custom build register and therefore do not appear on it. The National Custom & Self-Build Association suggests that an additional 483 people require a self or custom build plot in Winchester district, with 1410 people also subscribed to a Plot Search product looking to find a self or custom build plot.